1 March 2012: Whoops!

What are the consequences of not appointing a Party Wall surveyor?

This house in Wolverhampton ‘collapsed’ on the 24th February, and it is thought that this was caused by the extension next door undermining the foundations.

Fire fighters evacuated the neighbouring homes, and at least part of the ‘collapsed’ house is likely to need to be demolished.  Thankfully, nobody was in the house at the time.

It is believed that the homeowners who carried out the extension did not appoint a Party Wall Surveyor, and because of this ‘short cut’ could face a bill for many tens of thousands of pounds.

If you are excavating within 6 meters of a neighbour’s building, carrying out work to a Party Wall, or building or carrying out work to a garden wall up to or astride the boundary, then you may need to appoint a Party Wall Surveyor.  If you’re a building contractor, tell your client that the Act might apply, or you may become liable!

See here for your free guide: An Introduction to the Party Wall etc Act 1996

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Daniel Sutherland