Buying a home

9 August 2012: Top tips to sell (and buy) your home – The 11 second rule

So, we’ve looked at choosing an estate agent and having a seller’s survey carried out to improve the saleability of your home.  This week we discuss first impressions when your buyer arrives at your property – kerb appeal.

Many buyers will look at a property from the outside before arranging to view, so it needs to pass the ‘drive-by’ test.  You’ve got 11 seconds to impress (or at least not put off!) Go outside and really look at your property.  Are there weeds in the front garden?  Are the bins strewn around?  Is the buddleia overgrown?

You don’t need to make dramatic changes, but you should:

  1. Do the weeding, cut back shrubs and mow the lawn.
  2. Plant a few flowers or formal shrubs.
  3. Hide the bins if possible.
  4. Try to show off any features like attractive windows.
  5. Sweep the path.
  6. Remove bikes, fridges, scaffold poles, etc!

Look at your property through fresh eyes, and try to see what your potential buyers will see.  Would you buy your property?

Next week I look at what your buyers will see when they get inside (if they get that far!).

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Daniel Sutherland