16 August 2012: Top tips to sell (and buy) your home – Dressing

So, you’ve chosen a great estate agent; had a survey which has highlighted a few problems and you’ve put a few right; you’ve tidied up the front; and you have a viewing!

The term ‘dressing’ covers what the home looks like inside.  Think about your target audience.  Is it likely to be a family, a retired couple, DINKs (Dual income, no kids)?  What would they likely use the rooms for?  You would be surprised how people lack imagination about how they can change the use of a room to suit their needs.  If you live in family house, but your children have left home, and you use one of the bedrooms as an office, and another is full to the ceiling with boxes of your children’s stuff, think whether you can have a little rearrange.  Try to present the rooms as they are likely to be used.

If this is not possible (and think carefully, because it could cost you thousands of pounds), as a minimum, do the following:

  1. Declutter – Tidy away toys, ornaments, coats, shoes, papers, ironing, pets (!).  You may need 15 pairs of shoes lined up along your narrow hall, but this won’t impress your buyers.  Your dog may be loveable, but you want your viewers to concentrate on the property, not your pets.
  2. Clean – Sorry, I’m sure your home is immaculately clean, but do just give it that extra effort.
  3. Repair – There’s no harm in leaving a few DIY jobs, but doors hanging off hinges, leaking radiators, broken glass, loose balcony rails will put off many buyers.
  4. Decorate – Not the whole house perhaps, but think about carrying out some decoration.  Perhaps the bathroom or hall, or the dark dining room which you’ve been meaning to paint a light colour since you moved in.
  5. Be honest – On the second viewing, show your viewers your seller’s survey.  Point out the few things that need work.  Your honesty will delight the buyer, and give them the confidence that this is the home for them.  Things don’t seem so daunting when you’re falling in love, as when you have a miserable surveyor (not all of us) telling you all the things that need to be done.

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Daniel Sutherland