1 Aug 2011: Permitted development rules

New rules were introduced in 2008 which often allow home owners to extend without the need for planning permission (permitted development).  The rules can be a little complex, so I recommend you contact the Local Authority or view the planning portal website, but in general the following applies.

You may extend up to a depth of 3 metres for a 2-storey extension to the rear as long as:

  • No more than half the original garden is built on.
  • The eaves and ridge are no higher than, and the pitch of the roof matches, the original house.
  • The extension is more than 2m from the side boundaries and more than 7m from the rear boundary.
  • Materials match the existing house.

Obtaining planning permission need not be too much hassle, and rather than designing an extension to avoid planning, I recommend you take the advice of a property professional and design the extension to best suit your needs; If it needs planning permission, then your adviser can deal with it.

Other things to check are whether your home’s permitted development rights have been withdrawn, whether the Party Wall Act applies, where the drains are, and obtaining building regulations approval.

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Daniel Sutherland